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   4 Point Inspection starting at  $99 (*)


Wind Mitigation starting

Inspection $99 (*) 

Wind Mitigation & 4 Point

Inspections Combined starting at $150 (*)

(*) Subject to homes square footage & location























Insurance Inspections


Can I get homeowners insurance without an inspection ? I doubt it. Your homeowners insurance price has probably jumped dramatically, making you even think your are going to loose your home or you are going to need to get another job just to pay it. Or your probably buying a new home and never even thought the insurance was going to be so high. What do you know now ? Have a reliable home inspector inspect your home and tell you the truth on how to safe money on your homeowners insurance. 


4 Point Inspections


What is a 4 Point Inspection ?

A 4 point inspection is an evaluation of the four major systems of your house: electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and roof.

What does a 4 Point Inspection Cover?

Inspection of the Roof. They want to know what types of roofs your house has and how old are they,  

Inspection of the Air Conditioning. Also what type of air conditioning system is it , it's age and condition. 

Inspection of the Plumbing. What type of plumbing (supply & drain lines) your home has and how old and where is your water heater located.

Inspection of the Electrical. What type and brand of electrical panel and wiring is in it. 


That's when we come in and advise you if you should upgrade any of these components in order to get a larger discount.


Wind Mitigation Inspections


What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection ?

A wind mitigation inspection verifies what type of home's wind-resistant features your home has.


To determine the price of your homeowners insurance we will take pictures of your home and fill out the  Uniform Wind Mitigation Form (OIR-B1-1802). Based on this document the insurance company will evaluate how strong your home was built or has been updated to stand a storm and it's winds. The inspector fills the form telling the year the home was built,  the type of roof coverings you have and their age,  the type of roof deck attachment, the type of roof to wall attachment, the roof geometry, if a secondary water resistance barrier was installed on the roof and how every opening of your house is protected against strong winds (windows, doors, garage door, skylights).


Do you have a new roof or new impact windows ? Is that enough to get a better discount on your homeowners insurance ?  

We will let you know. 

Roof Certifications


Your roof is not that old but the insurance company is giving you a hard time, let's inspect it and really give it the life it has due to the condition. 

How Homeowners Insurance Works.

I find very interesting you take a look at Citizens Property Insurance web page There's plenty of valuable information on it to help you clarify this whole process. Actually on the page I found a video made by the Insurance Information Institute that explains it really easy. Here's a link to access it.

Rod Calcano (Rodolfo Calcano)
Licensed Florida Home Inspector. Lic. # 10768

For more then 12 years I've inspected Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Commercial Properties in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Always conducting Standard Inspections and Insurance Inspections. I have decided to specialize in the Windstorm Insurance Inspections also known as Wind Mitigation Inspections, 4 Point Inspections, Roof Certifications and Post Claim Inspections. 

I know now i can help more people explaining them what to do to lower there Homeowners Insurance and get the more discounts they can from the insurance companies. 

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