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How long does a 4 point inspection take?

For a standard homes (2 to 3 bedrooms), approximately 30 minutes. This time increases if the home is larger and depending how accessible are the components, talking about air handlers that sometimes are inside attics or garages used to store hundreds of items that could be blocking the electrical panels and water heaters. 


Can 4 point inspections and wind mitigation inspections be performed at the same time?


Yes, actually it’s a great idea. Both inspections for a standard home can take approximately 45 minutes. If you take this bundle it will save you money and headaches, if the insurance company afterwards ask for it. 


Does the inspector have to come inside the home for a 4 point inspection?


Yes, to inspect the plumbing  the inspector needs to get to all bathrooms, kitchen and water heater location, to inspect the electrical, needs access to the electrical panels, and to inspect the air conditioning needs access to the air handlers. 


Why didn't I get the wind mitigation discount/credit?


Skylights, glass blocks windows, entry doors with glazing, garage doors, other exterior doors  not impact rated could be the answer. In order for you to get the opening protection discount in your wind mitigation report all openings of your home have to be protected, if there’s even one that’s not, you won’t get the discount/credit.


Do I need to give the inspector any paperwork when he does the wind mitigation inspection ?


It’s not mandatory, but it’s helpful. Roof permit information, impact windows, impact entry doors, impact garage doors labels that prove they're rating, roof secondary water resistance installation proof (roofers invoice with description of the job and pictures of the SWR barrier installation) will always be helpful to add to the reports.

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