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Opening Protection
What is the weakest form of wind borne debris protection installed on the structure? The insurance companies want to know how all your windows (including glass block windows) entry doors, garage doors, skylights are protected against storms. In order to get the discount every single one of them has to be protected, partial protection doesn't count. All shutter panels, accordion shutters, impact windows, entry doors, garage doors, skylights should have a label that identifies they are impact resistant , Miami Dade-County Approved or Florida State Approved.
Roof Covering
What types of roof coverings does your house have and what is the application dates of the roof permits ? If your roof permits are dated after 3/1/2002 you would get the largest discount possible for roof covering. You would also get a smaller discount if your roof permits are dated after 9/1/1994.
They're no discounts for roofs installed before 9/1/1994 or done without roof permits. 
Be aware if you have a shingle, tile or metal roof and a small portion of a flat roof this also has to have a roof permit in order to get a discount. 
Roof to Wall Attachment
What is the WEAKEST roof to wall connection?
Insurance companies want to know how your roof is attached to the house structure. To determine this, the inspector has to go in the attic and take pictures of the wraps or clips if they exist and are attached with at least 3 nails. There's situations in old homes where the clips have just 2 nails or they where installed not in all rafters. there is a process called retrofitting where a third nail is added to the original clips or in other situations new clips or wraps are added during the process of re roofing.
Roof Deck Attachment
What is the weakest form of roof deck attachment that your roof has?
One of the reasons the inspector goes in the attic during the inspection is to determine your type of roof deck, the type of nails used to attach it, the separation these nails have (called nail pattern), the thickness of the roof deck.
These findings will also determine another discount on your homeowners insurance. 
Roof Geometry
What is the roof shape (s) ? Hip, flat or other roof.
To get this discount you need to have a Hip roof with no other roof shapes greater than 10% of the total roof system perimeter.
I would recommend you to go to Google Earth insert your address and look at your roof.  
Another way to determine it ballpark is to walk around the perimeter of the house and see if your roof has a triangle (s) shape, that is called a gable roof shape, which classifies your roof as Other Roof not getting this discount.
Secondary Water Resistance
The secondary water resistance barrier can most of the times be determine if the homeowners shows the inspector paperwork that the roofer installed it during the re roofing process.  It should be installed directly to the roof deck. 
Another type of roof barrier can also be installed inside the attic, which the homeowner also has to show proof of the materials used by the contractor who installed it. 
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